How to use the raft program for a new job

RANCH — A raft program offered to federal contractors by the Department of Labor can be an effective way to get new hires to fill key jobs, even though it requires workers to go through training before they can get hired.

The Labor Department said in a statement Wednesday that it has been in discussions with a rafting company to offer training to federal contract workers, which would be in addition to any training that is already offered to contractors.

The Labor department has been looking at raft programs for the past several months, and has been using a program called “Risk Assessment,” according to a Labor Department statement.

The program, which has been around for about five years, offers free rafting, and requires employees to complete a raft safety class before they are hired.

The department said that the company has been offering the rafting program since at least late June, and that the training has been going on since late October.

The department said in the statement that it was looking into other options to help employees who want to get hired and train, including providing rafts for federal employees, state government workers and others.

Rafts are essentially small, open-air rafts that are used to transport people to a job site.

They can be used for many different types of tasks, including getting from point A to point B, making a quick stop at a gas station, picking up people or a food truck.

Rendering by the department’s Office of Civil Rights shows that there are nearly 50,000 federal government workers enrolled in the raft training program.

The government does not offer rafts to private contractors.

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