Microsoft announces new program to replace its own remote video program

7 hours agoThe company that makes Microsoft Remote has announced a new program that it says will replace the company’s own remote program.

Microsoft is currently offering a program that lets you control your own devices remotely with the Microsoft Remote desktop app, but the new Remote app lets you use the same software to remotely access Windows 10 devices, as well as other programs.

The new program, which launches today, is the latest addition to the company-branded program that also includes its own Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Live Indie and Xbox Live Free membership.

It replaces the existing Microsoft Remote program that was announced in June, and will roll out to existing customers of the Windows 10 Mobile version of Windows 10 starting today.

Microsoft has also updated the Windows 8.1 app to support remote control of its new Remote program.

This version will be available for download on Friday, August 1.

The Microsoft Remote app, which can be found on the Windows Store, is also designed to provide remote access to Windows 10 PCs and laptops, and it can also be used to run Windows 10-compatible applications, such as Windows Media Center, or Xbox One games, as long as the Windows desktop is being used.

Microsoft is currently rolling out the new program for the Windows Insider program, the company says, which is free to download, and offers the same basic functionality that the Microsoft remote app provides.

Microsoft’s remote apps are available for Windows 10 users and other devices, such it phones, tablets, PCs, and servers.

The company has been making waves lately by announcing its own Remote app for its Xbox One gaming console, and now it’s giving Windows 10 customers an easier way to control their devices remotely.

Microsoft also announced its own program for Microsoft devices to access the Internet, and recently announced plans to launch a Windows 10 remote app for PCs and other hardware that is similar to the Microsoft OneNote app.

Microsoft recently updated its OneNote application for Windows, allowing you to use the OneNote document editor to edit your notes on any Windows 10 PC, as opposed to using Microsoft’s own document editor.

The company has also launched a Windows program for developers to make software for the Surface brand, which will be able to run on PCs, tablets and phones.

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