How to build a recycling program in your home

New Scientist article New science from Apple shows how to use the same technologies used in the company’s recycling program to create a unique program for your home.

The program is designed to reduce household waste, and it’s built on the premise that if you have the right technology, you can turn waste into money.

It also uses an app, called Apple Recycling, to send home-grown waste to a facility that processes it.

The project was inspired by the concept of Recycler, a smart phone app for recycling that has helped millions of people around the world, according to Apple.

The idea behind Recyclers was to help users recycle their smartphones, but there was no easy way to send them home, or even a way to set up a tracking system that could tell them what was coming home.

Apple has been working on a recycling-programmable iPhone app since 2010, but it was only available on the iPhone 4S.

This new program is based on the concept pioneered by Recyc, but Apple says it’s much more sophisticated.

Apple’s recycling service uses the same software that helps Apple recycle smartphones, and is even designed to be more efficient by capturing and storing waste locally, rather than going to a landfill or recycling centre.

It uses the software to send the waste to the recycling facility.

Apple says the program also uses a unique combination of technology to automate the process.

It collects recyclables in a box, which it then transports to a central location where it is packaged and sent to a recycling facility, which processes it using an app.

The process also allows the recycling to be sent directly to the home.

Apple said the app would be available to everyone who purchases a new iPhone within the next two weeks.

The iPhone 5 and 5c are available for pre-order in the US, and the 5s and 6s will be released in the UK in October.

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