What’s the latest Amazon price?

Australian retail giant Amazon has announced a new price on its website that appears to be a bid to increase the amount of money it is paying for items in Australia.

The company’s website says it is “raising its prices by 10%”.

In a statement on the company’s home page, Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos said the price increase was “to help our customers who are struggling to make ends meet”.

“It’s also important to note that while we are not changing our pricing policies, we are looking to bring our prices closer to the cost of doing business,” he said.

Amazon says its prices are “more affordable than ever before”.

“While some customers may still be struggling to meet their basic expenses, our price increases are designed to help our Amazon Prime members in Australia and around the world who are trying to keep up with the ever-changing costs of living.”

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Read more”We are raising our prices by a 10% over the next two months and will be offering an additional 30% discount for eligible Prime members, as well as giving you even more choice.”

The price hike is the latest move in the retail giant’s pricing war with Australia.

In May, Amazon announced a 20 per cent increase in Australia’s price of a single item, from $29.99 to $49.99.

And in October, the company introduced a 30 per cent price hike for its Prime membership, bringing the average price for a single Prime package from $249 to $349.

At the time, Prime members were receiving a 15 per cent discount on a number of items, including the new Amazon Prime Music subscription.

However, Amazon has since dropped that discount, and Prime Music is no longer included with a Prime membership.

In June, Amazon said its Prime members would receive a 15-per-cent discount on its next-generation product, the Echo Show.

Last week, Amazon increased the price of its Echo speakers by 30 per-cent, with the company now offering them for $69.99 per pair.

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