Google Now is finally here

Google Now Now is now available on the Google Play Store. 

It is available to all Google Now users, including those who bought it in the last few months. 

We’ll talk about how to use it here.

Google Now was launched in 2012.

You can get the app from the Play Store or Google Play app store. 

You can also download it from Google Play and sideload it to your phone. 

This is a feature you need to enable for this to work. 

Here’s what you need:A Google account (for the app). 

For the Google Now app, you can use the same Google account you use for Gmail and Google Drive. 

For Gmail, you need a Google account that’s set to auto-renew and you can only use one Google account per device. 

If you don’t have a Google Account set up, you’ll need to download and install the Google account management software from Google. 

To get started, you first need to go to and sign in to your Google account. 

Once you’re signed in, go to Settings > Privacy > Google > Google Now. 

Go to the “Programs” tab, and enable the GoogleNow program. 

In the new “Program” section, you will see a new box called “Programmes”. 

Here, you should enable the new Google Now program. 

 Then, tap “Start”. 

When you do, Google Now will appear. 

When it’s finished, you just need to tap the green “OK” button to close Google Now, then you can enjoy the app. 

Note: If you have already downloaded the Google app and are now on a new phone, you might have to wait for Google to download the app on that phone.

You can always download it manually on your phone, but the wait might be longer than on your computer. 

Google Now now works on Windows 10 Mobile. 

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