How to keep up with your fitness program with Fitbit fitness tracker

You can always rely on Fitbit to keep you on track, but the fitness tracker has also made its own fitness program.

With a Fitbit Flex app, you can track and record your exercise and sleep data.

You can even sync data from different apps, and then upload your data to a central server.

The app also features a fitness tracker to track your heart rate, steps, calories burned and more.

The fitness tracker on the left is the Fitbit Charge HR, while the Fitbatt is the fitness tracking app on the right.

You’ll also get a Fitbattery to power the tracker.

If you’re interested in the fitness app, check out this tutorial.

Fitbit’s fitness tracker is on sale now for £229.99 (around £300, AU$300).

The Fitbit Fitness app also lets you monitor your activity, calories, sleep and steps.

If all of that sounds familiar, you’ve probably heard of Fitbit or its parent company, Fitbit, as well as other fitness trackers.

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