Trump says the GOP will be ‘great again’ in 2018

Donald Trump on Friday said he expects the GOP to be “great again” next year and called on lawmakers to pass a health care overhaul by the end of this year.

Trump, in a Friday interview on Fox News, said Republicans have the power to “get it done.”

He added, “We have a lot of work to do.

We have a great chance of getting it done, and we are going to get it done this year.”

Trump has been hammering Republicans over the last month for failing to pass their health care bill.

The GOP is in the midst of a three-week break from their spring recess, which has seen little legislative action.

On Thursday, Trump called on GOP lawmakers to “work together” to pass the legislation, which he says would cut costs and reduce the amount of spending on Medicaid.

But he warned Republicans to make sure the plan gets done before the holiday break.

The GOP has been in negotiations for weeks over the bill, but the president said on Friday that there is “nothing to show” it is moving quickly enough.

“I don’t think we’re seeing any movement at all, except I think that they’re just waiting,” Trump said.

“They’re just not getting it, and they’re not getting a chance to get a bill done,” Trump added.

Republicans have repeatedly blamed Democrats for not passing a health plan that would allow the federal government to cover people with preexisting conditions.

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