What you need to know about Adobe Flash Player 12

Adobe has released the latest version of its Flash Player software, Flash 12, to the public. 

The release marks the first time that the company has officially released a version of Flash for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Adobe has been updating Flash Player since it first launched in 2006.

Flash Player has always had some serious limitations that make it a difficult game to fully use on PCs.

With Flash 12 released, Adobe hopes that it will allow Flash to be used on any platform.

The company says that this release has a number of significant improvements, including the ability to run Flash at 60 frames per second on any modern computer.

“This release is built with a focus on a stable user experience that delivers a great user experience and delivers a new level of productivity,” Adobe wrote in a blog post.

“This new Flash runtime enables you to use Flash on any Windows or Mac OS and Windows and Mac Linux.

It’s not just a browser-specific feature.” 

Adobe also announced a new desktop app called Flash.com that lets you download Flash Player from the App Store, but it’s not available for free.

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