A new way to pay your doctor

More News Videos A new tool to pay for your doctor could save you a lot of money online.

The new Pay Doctor app is a pay-by-phone system that will allow you to pay online for a doctor or hospital visit.

The app will also let you make payment through credit cards, pay-per-view pay TV subscriptions and other online services.

The new PayDoctor will be available on Android and Apple mobile devices starting this Friday.

“If you want to pay via your mobile phone, we’ve put together a Pay Doctor application that allows you to make payments on your phone,” said Jason Ritchie, CEO of The Doctor Mobile.

“Our customers love it.

They love that you can pay online from your phone.

And they love the fact that we are giving them that control over their money,” Ritchie said.

A recent study by the University of Michigan found that patients who used a PayDoctor app to pay their doctor and hospital visit were more likely to stay in touch with their physician, get a more accurate bill and get treatment that was more affordable than using traditional payment options.

The University of Tennessee also tested the PayDoctor application and found it helped patients with less than a year of experience make payments for less than $1 per visit.

Ritchie said that while the app may not have the reach or popularity of other pay-as-you-go pay services, it’s a better way to make money on a doctor visit.

“It’s the same thing you do when you get a phone bill: You pay for the phone bill and then you pay,” Ritchy said.

“We think it’s much more efficient to do that through our pay-at-the-phone app.”

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