When a company makes a mistake, it should get its money back from its users

Google announced plans to make it easier for users to report a misstep that was made by its software.

The search giant said it would start allowing users to complain about any of its software errors in the next two weeks.

It is part of a broader effort to overhaul its business and to create a better product for consumers.

Google said the changes are in response to a growing concern that the software is becoming less secure and less trustworthy.

Google says the new policy will also provide a way for users who have a legitimate reason for reporting a bug, but who feel it’s unfair that their complaints are ignored.

The move comes as the company continues to work on a plan to reform the way it sells its search engine.

Google announced last month it will introduce a new product called Chrome that will bring together Google’s search, Gmail and YouTube services.

Google is not the only tech company to tackle this issue.

Facebook has said it is working to fix privacy concerns that are widespread among its users.

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