Year: 2021

How to program a robotic arm to draw pictures for your robot

A programmable arm programmed with a programmable keyboard has been developed to draw for robots.The robot’s arm can also perform tasks that a human would do, like opening doors.Researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, and Stanford University programmed a small robotic arm with a keyboard.The programmable robotic arm is equipped with a number of […]

What you need to know about the Best Homeschool Programs

Home schoolers should be able to enjoy their homeschooling as they see fit.That’s because the best homeschoolers don’t care about teaching their kids anything.They care about creating an environment that works best for their kids.And in the process, they can also foster a stronger community of peers and family members.That means they can help kids […]

Apple hires iPhone Upgrade Program Manager to Work in Australia

A new Apple employee is joining the company’s global tech team, according to a LinkedIn post from a company spokesperson.The hiring is part of a “great and growing” collaboration between Apple and the Australian government, the spokesperson told BuzzFeed News.The position, which is not part of the company-wide tech team and is being held only […]

A new batch of online programs for bsn programmers, including one for programming with arrays

A new collection of online bssn programs from the BSN programming calculator.The program includes programs for array programming, recursive data structures, and parallel programming.This article originally appeared on TechRadars on Facebook and Twitter.

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