Month: July 2021

‘I can’t imagine being a medical assistant’: Nursing student shares her dream job

A nursing student has described how she was turned down for a position that would have allowed her to take on an important role in her nursing program.Ashley Johnson, who is in her second year at Western Illinois University, said she has a hard time imagining being a nurse, despite having done her degree in […]

How to create a robust, flexible and secure object-oriented system with the help of Python 2.7

Posted September 25, 2018 03:04:24 If you’re looking to develop an object-based programming system in Python 2, you might have heard of the Boost libraries, or Boost::C.While these libraries can be useful for building systems with the power of Python, they have the downside of requiring you to write complex and sometimes complex-looking code to […]

How to find your next go programming job

Head start programs are the new “magic bullet” for those in the workforce.Here’s how you can get started.– By Matt Viser-Pool/Getty ImagesGo programs offer up to a 90-day program with one of four options: 1) a summer program in a local community college (in-person or online); 2) a graduate program in an accredited school of […]

What you need to know about Apple’s BSN program

Apple’s developers program for developers has been around for years, but now it’s available to the general public. Developers can use the BSN service to help them with their programming needs, and they can also pay for access to developer resources. Apple’s developer program can be found here There’s also an iPhone application for developers to try […]

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