Month: November 2021

Why we don’t see the new ‘Programming memes’

Programmers in New York City have created a new meme-based business called “Comcast Remote.”The company, which has just launched a crowdfunding campaign, has raised $50,000 in seed funding, including $3,000 from a Google Ventures-backed company called Fidor.The money has been used to purchase an old TV with the logo of the network and to buy […]

Iran says it is considering restarting uranium enrichment facilities, says Iran says nuclear program is “a matter of national interest”

Iran has said it will restart some of its uranium enrichment plants as a sign that it is working on a plan to build a nuclear weapon.Iran’s state-run Fars news agency on Friday said Iran is considering “reversing its decision to halt its uranium production” and that it had made “unprecedented” concessions in its nuclear […]

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