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Iran says it is considering restarting uranium enrichment facilities, says Iran says nuclear program is “a matter of national interest”

Iran has said it will restart some of its uranium enrichment plants as a sign that it is working on a plan to build a nuclear weapon.Iran’s state-run Fars news agency on Friday said Iran is considering “reversing its decision to halt its uranium production” and that it had made “unprecedented” concessions in its nuclear […]

How to add an Apple Watch app to your resume: The official 1033 program

I’m not exactly sure how to describe the feeling I get when I see my resume on a resume or website that lists the name of a program I’m supposed to teach in.It’s hard to imagine how a resume and website can possibly be so easy to navigate.I know it can’t be easy.But it’s not.I […]

How to use the NNIS to calculate your weekly pay

The NNISC, a tool developed by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), calculates how much you can expect to earn in your career as a nurse practitioner.It has been used in schools and health care settings for more than two decades.The tool has been criticized for not giving an accurate picture of what a nurse’s […]

WATCH: Watchdog says witnesses protection program is working in New York

Watchdog reports that in a recent case, witnesses protection has helped to protect people who were attacked while walking down the street in Queens.The program is part of a nationwide program called Witness Protection, and it provides money and training to help victims, and their families.The programs are administered by the NYPD’s Department of Investigation […]

How to use the Lad Bible program

This article is about the Lad Programming Language.You may find it useful if you are working with Lad programs.If you need help with Lad, please read the Lad website.What is a Lad?A language that is a mix of Lisp and Scheme.Lisp is a programming language with a set of abstract syntax.Scheme is a mathematical programming […]

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