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VA caregiver programs offer a discount on purchases

If you’re shopping for a caregiver, you might want to think about the VA’s caregiver rebate program.VA caregiver reimbursement is free for qualifying VA caregivers enrolled in eligible VA programs, which include:VA programs that provide in-home care and/or nursing careVA programs for adults with disabilitiesVeterans Affairs medical centersVA health care and nursing facilitiesVeterans with chronic […]

How to Get Apple to Repair Your Home

Apple’s recycling program, known as PGE Care, allows users to receive free Apple products through its online store.Apple is offering the program for a limited time, and it is being offered through the AppleCare program.AppleCare is Apple’s consumer product warranty program.You can receive a free Apple product if you purchase something from AppleCare through Apple’s […]

Apple’s new AppleCare program for doctors is bad news for nurses

AppleCare has long been viewed as a way to boost the brand loyalty of its employees.But the new program is not only a bad move for the industry but also a bad idea for patients, who are increasingly choosing to go with private care.In a new blog post, AppleInsider’s Paul Thurrott said AppleCare’s new model […]

How to build a recycling program in your home

New Scientist article New science from Apple shows how to use the same technologies used in the company’s recycling program to create a unique program for your home.The program is designed to reduce household waste, and it’s built on the premise that if you have the right technology, you can turn waste into money.It also […]

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