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‘I’m tired of being scared’: The first step to a better life for your child

I’m tired, too, of the “I’m afraid” narrative that keeps me from trusting the people who are supposed to be my support systems.It’s so much easier to believe the scary things we hear about in news stories.I’m going to do what I have to do to get my son back.My son is going to be […]

How to make a new job and have kids: This guide to life and career transition

It’s one of those rare things where the old is not necessarily the best.And, of course, there’s the old days when people just started doing what they wanted.In those days, kids were a major reason for the workforce explosion.But, as the workforce continues to grow and as new generations of workers are brought into the […]

How to become a georgian developer program

The Apple Developer Program is designed to encourage the creation of mobile apps for developers, allowing them to work on a mobile platform for free.The program is a hybrid of two other Apple programs that are aimed at developers, the iWork developer program and the App Store Developer Program.Apple’s program, for instance, requires developers to […]

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