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How to Get Apple to Repair Your Home

Apple’s recycling program, known as PGE Care, allows users to receive free Apple products through its online store.Apple is offering the program for a limited time, and it is being offered through the AppleCare program.AppleCare is Apple’s consumer product warranty program.You can receive a free Apple product if you purchase something from AppleCare through Apple’s […]

When you buy Amazon Vine, you pay for it in your tax dollars

Posted November 19, 2018 11:02:30 When you purchase Amazon Vine in the United States, it will go toward paying for your healthcare and nutrition programs, the government says.It will also help pay for Amazon’s growing $50 billion acquisition of Whole Foods, which includes the largest grocery store in the country.But that $50-billion purchase will be […]

How to learn Mandarin and learn Mandarin in Swift for $19 a month

A $19 monthly subscription to Swift for Mandarin is available to new users of the language, and for those who already have Swift installed.It is currently available in the Apple App Store, but it will soon be available to all users of Swift.This is Swift’s newest language, a language designed specifically for Apple’s new mobile […]

How ‘pge’ care program lifts liftmaster program to a new level

Remote workers are now working on the “pge” care program for people with disabilities.The program is designed to assist people who have disabilities with their daily lives.It’s part of the new push to lift the stigma around the condition and help people like Jennifer Smith understand that her wheelchair was not her fault.The program has […]

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