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How to program a robotic arm to draw pictures for your robot

A programmable arm programmed with a programmable keyboard has been developed to draw for robots.The robot’s arm can also perform tasks that a human would do, like opening doors.Researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, and Stanford University programmed a small robotic arm with a keyboard.The programmable robotic arm is equipped with a number of […]

How to Become a Successful Online Partner Programmer

Now Playing: The best place to start as an online business Now Playing “The perfect partner programmer”: Meet the world’s best online partners Now Playing ‘The most common mistakes people make in their online dating profile’: Experts Now Playing Why so many companies now charge for social media Now Playing What’s in a name?The most […]

Which programming language are you most familiar with?

Programming language selection for the EOP Programmers’ Workshop will be a first step in a new program selection process that is being led by the EOPS Programmers Association (EOPPA).The EOPPA is a member-driven organization, which means that all members have the same right to participate.Each member has to participate in the Eops Programmers Workshop to […]

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