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Why we don’t see the new ‘Programming memes’

Programmers in New York City have created a new meme-based business called “Comcast Remote.”The company, which has just launched a crowdfunding campaign, has raised $50,000 in seed funding, including $3,000 from a Google Ventures-backed company called Fidor.The money has been used to purchase an old TV with the logo of the network and to buy […]

How to add an Apple Watch app to your resume: The official 1033 program

I’m not exactly sure how to describe the feeling I get when I see my resume on a resume or website that lists the name of a program I’m supposed to teach in.It’s hard to imagine how a resume and website can possibly be so easy to navigate.I know it can’t be easy.But it’s not.I […]

When you get dental hygiene: A simple and effective dental hygiene program

When you’re brushing teeth, brushing your teeth, and flossing your teeth with a simple and easy-to-follow dental hygiene plan, the chances of developing cavities are greatly reduced.And, the best way to ensure that your teeth are properly groomed and kept clean is to get dental health care. Dental hygiene can be a powerful tool to protect […]

Why the Maryland Mortgage Program Could Get Covered By Trump’s Agenda

President Donald Trump is seeking to create jobs in Maryland, but it’s not clear how the Trump administration would pay for it.Trump’s plan to boost job growth in Maryland could be covered under a plan from Republican lawmakers that includes $2 billion for a new tax credit for low- and moderate-income homeowners to help them […]

Why are people still trying to buy their own homes?

People are still buying their own home.And that’s bad news for renters and homeowners alike.But there are ways to fix that, according to a new report from Next Big Futures, which analyzes the state of the rental housing market and how it’s changing.The report points to a variety of strategies, including building more affordable housing, […]

How to use the NNIS to calculate your weekly pay

The NNISC, a tool developed by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), calculates how much you can expect to earn in your career as a nurse practitioner.It has been used in schools and health care settings for more than two decades.The tool has been criticized for not giving an accurate picture of what a nurse’s […]

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